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jenny gorelick

Jenny Gorelick is a comedy performer, producer, writer, and teen detective. She hosts a monthly variety show at Union Hall in Brooklyn called Jenny's Birthday Party. Her birthday is really only on December 6. She loves birthdays so much that she had a Sweet Sixteen on the Q Train in a viral video with Improv Everywhere that received 44M views. At Brown University, she was a member of IMPROVidence, Brown's oldest and cutest improv troupe.  She also performs improv the all-female team, Club Monika. She has been featured in the NYTimes, MTV News, The Skint, Gothamist, and Time Out New York.

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makena miller

Makena Miller grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii.  She attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama in 2014. Makena has 15+ years of extensive ballet and dance training.  She has also received 6+ years of Bel Canto Opera training.  She loves to play the ukulele and sing on the beach. Makena is on an improv house team at the Reckless Theatre, called DEATHWISH. She performs with her Musical Improv team, Charlie.  Charlie will be performing in the Newark Improv Festival, Del Close Marathon and in the Improfest Gothenburg in Sweden this summer. Makena also co-hosts a monthly improv show at the Triple Crown with her indie team, Club Monika.

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jeremy moulton

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michael varamogiannis

Michael Varamogiannis is a musician, comedian, and entertainer based out of Astoria, Queens, New York. He graduated from Fordham University with a BA in Visual Arts and has been studying Music Theory & Composition at the Frank Toscano Music School for the past 10 years. Michael likes himself a good theological discourse, a fun time at the beach, and food. He loves food. Michael has a difficult time choosing a singular path, so he has resolved to be great at everything, or at least as many things as he can before he dies. 

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jesse vandenBergh

Jesse VandenBergh is a writer, actor, comedian, improvisor, producer and New Jersey native. He has been performing in New York since 2010 through the Upright Citizens Brigade, The Reckless Theatre, The Annoyance and The PIT. He recently co-starred in a UCB show called Tween Twin Detectives, an Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley based play that Colin Quinn called "Hilarious and haunting." Jesse has made numerous TV and film appearances including The Chris Gethard ShowTriumph the Insult Comic Dog's Election Special 2016, and The Slashening. Jesse has also worked production for Oh, Hello, starring Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, Mike Birbiglia's Thank God For Jokes, and Colin Quinn's New York Story. He is also the co-founder of FROG BOYZ, an off-beat animation platform.


addie weyrich

Addie Weyrich is Philly raised, New York based actor, comedian, writer, producer, and coach. Starting at a young age, she has been performing in both Philadelphia and New York since she was 16 years old, at theaters such as the Upright Citizens Brigade, Reckless Theatre, Philly Improv Theater, NYU stages, and any other stage venue she can get her paws on. She's currently having a blast performing in a hilarious sketch show that got picked up for a run at UCB called Simon's Street. At Reckless Theatre, she is not only a part of one of the theatre's premiere improv teams, Bronson, but she also hosts her own monthly show Harolds Against Humanity. Her experience writing and performing for New York University's sketch team Hammerkatz has readied her to now create her own video content with her sketch group Freaky Bee Comedy.